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San Antonio Phoenix Fencer’s Club is San Antonio’s only three-weapon fencing club offering instruction in Foil, Epee, and Sabre.

Our goal is to provide Olympic sport fencing instruction and training for children and adults at a variety of levels from beginner to competitive, our program also focuses in development and maintaining fitness and strategic thinking. We offer several different learning opportunities including: group classes, individual lessons, clinics, camps, and open bouting. All SAPFC coaches have the highest standards of professionalism and safety .  San Antonio Phoenix Fencers’ Club  has completed and passed the U.S.F.A. “Safe Sport Program”, as well as  the required U.S.F.A. “Police Background Check”, members of the USFCA (United States Fencing Coaches Association). Our goal is to provide a safe and a positive learning experience for everyone

We have also Paralympics sports club for adaptive fencing (wheelchair fencing,) for children and adults. If you are interesting in learning more about this aspect of fencing, please call our office to schedule a visit and demonstration.

SAPFC is descended from one of the first families of fencing in South Texas, The Poujardieu’s, who brought the sport of fencing to the general public. Our legacy also includes connection to Olympians Les Bleamaster and Paul Peshty, to whom we owe great gratitude.

From this esteemed heritage, we believe anyone, at any age and skill level who wants to fence should have the opportunity to learn and participate in the sport fencing. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun environment for learning and development.

To find out more about San Antonio Phoenix Fencers’ Club and fencing, please contact us.

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  1. Karen O'Boyle | | Reply

    I am a elem PE teacher for NISD. I am teaching fencing. Can you send any info about your business? I would like the student’s to know there is a place in SA. about 260 student’s grades 3-5

    Driggers Elem
    6901 Shadow Mist
    SA 78238

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