Beginning Foil – is an introduction to foil fencing. The group class teaches basic footwork, simple attacks, and basic defense. The course also includes endurance building exercises, hand-eye coordination drills, understanding parts of the weapon, and basic fencing rules.

Advanced Foil – Builds on the foundation learned in Beginning Foil. This class teaches advanced foot and blade work and tactics. The program also works to build increased endurance and hand-eye coordination. This is the first step to becoming a life-long competitive fencer.

Beginning Sabre – An introduction to sabre fencing. This group class teaches basic footwork, basic attacks, and basic defense while building stamina and hand-eye coordination in a group setting.

Advanced Sabre – Builds on the basics learned in Beginning Sabre. Students will learn advanced level footwork, advanced level blade work and tactics. They will continue to develop their endurance and hand-eye coordination. This is the first step to becoming a life-long competitive fencer.

Beginning Epee – An introduction to Epee fencing. Students will learn basic foot and blade work as they develop their stamina and hand-eye coordination through the use of drills and games.

Advanced Epee – Continuing on the foundation learned in Beginning Eppe, the this course teaches students advanced foot and blade work, tactics, and bout strategy, The class also helps students increase their endurance and hand-eye coordination. Additionally this covers the basic weapon and equipment care.

Adaptive Fencing – Is for individuals who feel more comfortable in a seat environment. Students can learn Foil, Epee, and/or Sabre. Students will learn blade work, movement, tactics as well as benefit from increased core muscle strength, endurance, hand-eye coordination, fine muscle control, and aerobic conditioning.

We are a Paralympic Sports Club and work with both the Wounded Warrior Program and local rehabilitation facilities.

Open Fencing – Please check our schedule for days, times, and weapons as our schedule changes. Fencers can bout and practice their skills with fellow club-mates and guests. SAPFC students must have their coach’s approval to participate in open bouting. If you are visiting from out of town and have a question about coming in, please call our office for more information.

Individual Lessons – Lessons are between 15-20 minutes. All lessons should be scheduled in advance through the business office. Payment is due at the time of scheduling and rates are dependent on the level of the coach, and it’s for Fencers who want to improve their skills


  1. Andrea Setlik | | Reply

    My 12 yr old is interested in the fencing camp announced for June 18-22. Could you tell me the hours the camp will run each day?

    • Simont Georgina | | Reply

      awesome, 9am to 12 pm, if you are interested, come to the club o call (210)346-7840, to have more info

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