Summer Camps




Boost your child’s confidence, focus,  and fitness

Fencing is an ancient sport that provides modern excitement! Once an important form of self-defense, handling a sword has become a compelling sport that requires strength and agility, both mental and physical.

Each camp is an excellent introduction to this dynamic sport and  is designed to provide a well-rounded overview that is appropriate and safe for ages 6 to 14 and teenagers.

Camps are designed to introduce fencing through activities and games aimed at the development of coordination, flexibility, and focus.

Skills covered: Basic footwork, handling of the fencing sword and main fencing positions; fencing measure, advance, retreat, lunge; straight hits and hits with disengagement; simple attacks, basic parries and ripostes. Students will have plenty of time to fence using state of the art electric fencing equipment.

Campers will learn good technique, good sportsmanship and have lots of fun!

All necessary equipment will be provided

Please make sure your child brings lunch and a snack, or money ti buy it, and a water bottle

For more information send us an email or call!